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“War of the worlds” – a harmless 1938 prank, or something else?

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.1 – George Santayana The usual man or woman, who listens to the “news” faithfully, is constantly (and inevitably) exploited by all kinds of shrewd people…2 – Not-Two Is Peace … Continue reading

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Gun control, Gandhi, and true peace

Prejudiced people will listen only to one side of a story. Swamiji had an open mind. He would take every point of view into account. He had a generous and forgiving heart. – Swami Turiyananda speaking of Swami Vivekananda1 My … Continue reading

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How mind (control) works: perception is shaped by assumption

When I was a child, there was a period where I got very interested in magic tricks – making a quarter disappear and reappear and so on.1 The climax of this period was when I staged a show for the … Continue reading

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President Harry S. Truman warns about witch-hunts, fears, and political deceptions

At a news conference earlier this week (on April 30th, 2012), the single most prominent U.S. politician accused another politician of not being enthusiastic enough about hunting down and killing another human being without a trial. The precedent this sets … Continue reading

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Jesus and Desmond Morris on killing our enemies

One of the biggest events in the “news” here in the U.S. this week had to do with killing foreign enemies.  Many cheered, and even the Dalai Lama hinted his endorsement. I tried to think of a BoT passage that … Continue reading

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“Delay is the deadliest form of denial” – Parkinson

Have you noticed, when a politician or bureaucrat is asked when he will begin fulfilling various promises, the answer is often: “we understand, we’re committed, we’re working on it.”1 The same answer is given later.  After a while, we feel … Continue reading

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Human-scale community and “mass society” – Parker J. Palmer

There are times, gentle reader, when I don’t trust my friends and don’t feel like working with them. I’m afraid they’ll see my limitations and won’t like me, and I’m afraid I’ll see their limitations and won’t be able to … Continue reading

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