“The Mummery Book”

mummery-bookThe Mummery Book is the most impressive drama I have encountered. It’s like a cross between Shake-speare, a series of initiatory dreams or visions, and the greatest religious dramas I’ve found in either Asian or Western or Native traditions. I feel it contains the most important teachings for our time.

It has some very forceful things to communicate about human beings’ proclivity toward cultism and herd-mentality, and the book also has profound things to say about love and about life.  It’s a story of individual journey, and about the initiations and horrors and pleasures experienced in a life of awakening.

The work is absolutely intended to be experienced in a live performance, and at one time it was performed yearly in a 10-hour enactment with cutting-edge visuals projected onto multiple screens with actors doing their thing in an in-the-round theater. The author said he would like to see it performed weekly by a traveling theater troupe, but that has not happened as of yet.  The last enactment I know of was an excellent “radio” enactment with visuals on a screen, done in May 2012.

The book was a difficult read for me the first few times through – or really, if we’re being honest here, I hated the thing for the first decade or two after I was exposed to it!  (What makes it difficult is it’s so challenging emotionally at times, and also in its surrealistic storyline, and even how the prose is worded – everything about the book is a challenge to our usual way of life, you might say.)  But with that caveat I recommend buying, reading it and referring to it as a treasured resource.  It can be purchased at amazon.

The official website is mummerybook.org.

I think one of the best ways to benefit from The Mummery Book, outside of attending a live performance, is by discussing it with others and seeing how it relates to the world we live in, both on an intimate scale and on a global scale.  Articles that reference The Mummery Book can be found on this blog.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. Lynne Udell   Thumb up +1

    I am just starting to read this book. I really wanted to go to the theatre production years ago and every time I mentioned it to folks they would take a big breath and give that ‘prepare yourself’ vibe.

    My relationship with Adi Da is tangible, real and alive. I know when I read His Word consciously all the Words take on some reflective form in my objective life so we will see.

    I have attempted to read this in the past but I am pretty sure I did not get very far because I tried to abstract the text. So we will see how it goes this time. Just reading through the introductions is very instructive.

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