A good sandwich requires the right ingredients.  (image source)

A few weeks ago a woman from overseas asked me about my blog, and I explained to her that one of the intended themes of my blog is “dual sensivitiy”,1 namely:

1. sensitivity to our condition here in the 21st century, as born beings who are going to die, and will experience much uncertainty in the meantime, as well as

2. sensitivity to our heart-need to be free and happy and full of love, permanently and completely and under all conditions.

This dual-sensitivity is somewhat similar to being sensitive to the dual-nature of our reality; that is:

– the “small-r” reality of the world we seem to live in – which could inspire compassion and sobriety – and

– the “big-R” Reality, or God, Truth, Buddha-nature, Great Spirit, (or whatever terms you like) and inherent Love-Bliss

So if some of the stuff on this blog seems depressing or dark, think of it as one-half of our potential dual-sensitivity.  All we need is to add in the other half, and we’re set.  :)


Is being blissfully ignorant a real thing?  (image source)

Or if we have a friend who is very much into “positive thinking” and is always trying to “stay positive” “keep positive” “let’s all be positive” but they are somewhat insensitive, superficial, lacking in compassion, “blind”, unskillful, or lacking in “reality”, then our friend might need more of the first kind of sensitivity.

So it’s like making a sandwich – if we leave out half the ingredients, the result may not taste good, and we could get indigestion or even become ill.

I don’t know about you but I’d like to avoid spiritual illness and try to find a complete sandwich.  :)

  1. By the way I’m totally borrowing from the teachings of Adi Da Samraj here, but put into my own words from memory.

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