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These cats are mindful of each other’s boundaries while exploring new terrain. (Photo by Chiot’s Run)

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Comments = good

There needs to be a fundamental right dialogue functioning in the human world.5
– Adi Da Samraj

You might think about that last sentence for a moment. Do you agree or disagree? If you agree, what do you do to help make it happen?

  1. Respectful means welcoming people with different views, speaking from our own experience, not getting up in other people’s business, etc. If someone says something that arouses strong feelings in you, you might try expressing your own feelings (“I feel __”) – or just remaining silent for a time – rather than trying to change the other person.  This helped me:  CTR on working with people.
  2. Some might say heartfelt sharing and useful info are pretty good ways to communicate with each other…
  3. This might include spam that wastes people’s time and doesn’t contribute to the discussion, disrespectful language, dominating a discussion with numerous contrary remarks, material that violates someone’s rights such as their right to privacy, or libelous comments that are damaging to someone’s reputation without proper evidence, etc.
  4. If you are concerned about online privacy, I posted information about gravatars you should read on my privacy page. Otherwise go to
  5. Not-Two IS Peace, “You the People” essay, page 145.