How to use “The Basket of Tolerance”

Some of the materials quoted on this site come from a collection of books, videos, audios, and other materials called The Basket of Tolerance.  Here’s a suggestion from Adi Da Samraj, its creator:

Basket of Tolerance creator

Adi Da Samraj (1939-2008), creator of “The Basket of Tolerance”

The real point of studying the books in The Basket of Tolerance is not what you can remember, but what you encounter and overcome in the process of the reading.  What you are relieved of is more important than what you can remember afterwards.

Years from now you may remember nothing about books that you have read, but the moments of those readings, properly guided and considered, should relieve you of something.  What you have overcome is what you gain, rather than what you can recollect in your memory.1

If you aren’t sure what is meant by “encountering and overcoming” things in the course of study, you might see a page I made called spiritual contradictions, tolerance and peace.

The Basket of Tolerance is a trademark of The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam.

What is “The Basket of Tolerance”?

Years ago, I came across a collection of books and other media called The Basket of Tolerance, created by the modern teacher Adi Da Samraj.  Here’s something he said about this collection:

I have selected, arranged, introduced, and commented upon the many books (and other materials) listed here, in order to provide a basic, inclusive, and comprehensive (but not overlong) representation (and revelation) of the entire great tradition (or common wisdom-inheritance) of humankind. Therefore, if it is embraced in its totality, The Basket of Tolerance should prove itself to be a useful and valuable resource for right study and right understanding of the historical traditions of truly human culture, practical self-discipline, perennial religion, universal religious mysticism, esoteric (but now openly communicated) spirituality, transcendental wisdom, and would-be most perfect (or Divine) enlightenment.

My intention relative to the documents included in this essential gathering is that they should be studied with discrimination….

The more I examined this collection, the more impressed I was.  Passages would help me see & let go of prejudices I didn’t know I had.  Or I would see similar concepts echoed in slightly different ways from different sources.  And I began to feel more respect & tolerance for people, rather than feeling a need to defend my own ideas all the time.

So I began sending quotes to friends, with a few comments of my own thrown in.  My friends suggested that I start a blog.

How I use these quotes

What I do when I read these quotes is to try to open my mind and see how the quote compares to my understanding of the world.  “In what ways is this particular quote true or valid?”  Being able to compare and contrast is, I think, a useful educational approach.

Basket of Tolerance publication / availability:

Note:  (added 1/30/2011)  If you’d like to know when The Basket of Tolerance will be published and actually available to people, please contact the publisher at The Dawn Horse Press, as he will know more about this than me. You may also be able to provide encouragement or support relative to its publication.

  1. From May 27, 1987