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Thanks for stopping by. This is me in 2011.

Update, March 2014:

Hey everybody.  After a long break I’m going to be blogging again.  The posts will be of two types:

  • Articles
  • Quick quotes

Articles will be published on Fridays at about 6am, US-west-coast time, every 1-4 weeks.  The articles will explore some aspect of modern life or popular culture in the context of humankind’s spiritual wisdom and/or Not-Two Is Peace and/or The Mummery Book1.

“Quick quotes” will be short quotes that I find inspirational or provocative, married to one or more images.  I’m not sure how often these will be.  Last year I was doing this on Facebook, but a) I dislike FB, and b) I find that FB2 is not a reliable way to follow something, so if you want to get these be sure to subscribe to my mailing list (see sidebar at top where it says “subscribe”).

You should be able to specify which type of post you want to receive through your emails settings (see link at bottom of each email).

In my life one of the purposes of studying The Basket of Tolerance – and The Mummery Book for that matter – is to help purify myself of illusions and prejudices that keep me from seeing life clearly and participating in life whole-heartedly.  This “dis-illusionment” process might be painful at times, or seem like a bummer, but it’s also pleasurable somehow – and certainly more so in the company of good people.  :)

Originally, in the first couple years of its existence, this blog was called “Basket of Tolerance Quote of the Day”, but since the focus has changed, and since not every quote is from the BOT, I changed the title of the blog3 – to what was just the domain name… not exciting but it works.  Also, I moved some material that was here to a separate page:  About the Basket of Tolerance.

Thanks everyone for your support and your comments – your comments make the site more valuable for everyone who comes here.  If you have a private question or comment please contact me.

BoT Student

  1. See Mummery Book page on this site.
  2. I noticed with FB that people signed up as “fans” of my FB fan page, but then over time, they stopped seeing the material I posted if they did not click “like” often enough.  In other words, the more my fan-base grew, the more my readership shrank.  Hmm, that’s no good..!
  3. Also, I’m now using a basket image borrowed from vlasta2.

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  1. Julie   Thumb up +7

    As someone who has received those wonderful e-mails you’ve been sending out, I can only say I’m very happy that you’ve decided to invite us into the shared space of this blog. My hope of hopes is that those of us who show up will wend our way into conversation and contemplation and community that deepens our understanding and lifts our spirits. Many thanks for inviting us all in.

  2. Great work, I am a big fan of the Basket of Tolerance and will read all your posts, where are you getting the list and quotes from currently ? there was a copy put out around 1990, would love to get a copy of this as well.

    • Thanks Nitram. Well, if there is enough interest in The Basket of Tolerance, I think an up-to-date version of it could be finally published in the next several months. I’ve been told this by the new DHP publisher. We could also setup public lending libraries around the world, which would give real, tangible access to the collections to people for a small annual fee. (To answer your question, I’ve got an old list.)

  3. Lynne Thompson   Thumb up +5

    Thanks so much for offering this wonderful blog…….much appreciated….

  4. test user   Thumb up +2

    great stuff. interface makes sense. I like the pull out photos and the way the text works with them… subtley done… also the end notes, gives the reader a sense that you are actually doing your homework, and making proper citation. nice!

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