“War of the worlds” – a harmless 1938 prank, or something else?


Orson Welles impersonating an eye-witness in a staged mass-casualty crisis for CBS Radio in 1938.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.1
– George Santayana

The usual man or woman, who listens to the “news” faithfully, is constantly (and inevitably) exploited by all kinds of shrewd people…2
– Not-Two Is Peace

On the evening of October 30th, 1938, a few days before my mother was born, a fleet of Martians invaded the earth.  Or so CBS Radio told millions of people over the course of a now-famous hour-long radio broadcast.  This broadcast pretended to interview real eye-witnesses, convey the sounds of explosions and screams, and provide live speeches from U.S. government officials, as an intensely real but fake tragedy unfolded in real-time.

While in retrospect this may sound clever or amusing or “totally cool”, at the time it was not a tongue-in-cheek farce but an extremely realistic production, which included a cast of highly paid professional actors, state-of-the-art special effects, impersonations of FDR’s voice3 and people pretending to be top military commanders.  Occurring just prior to World War II, some listeners who tuned in after the program had already begun thought it was a German invasion.  Estimates were that over a million people panicked and began evacuation procedures.

Was this a simple Halloween joke?  Was it entertainment?  Or was it an early psychological warfare experiment using the new technology of mass media?  It depends on who you ask.

1. A summary of the actual broadcast


The “New York Times” describing the panicked response. (image source)

(Or listen yourself & skip ahead)

A few weeks before this broadcast, millions of listeners had been keeping their radios tuned for the latest news from a European continent seemingly on the verge of war. They had learned to expect that musical programs, radio shows – broadcasts of all kinds – would be cut off in an emergency to inform everyone what was happening.4

On this particular night when a listener tuned in, he or she would have heard the music of Ramon Raquello and his orchestra coming from the Meridian Room in the Park Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. Soon after the first piece had begun an announcer broke in: “Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt our program of dance music to bring you a special bulletin from the Intercontinental Radio News.”  This report brought a story of a large explosion on Mars.

The music was resumed only to be interrupted again: “Ladies and gentlemen, following on the news given in our bulletin a moment ago, the Government Meteorological Bureau has requested the large observatories of the country to keep an astronomical watch.” This second bulletin reported that a “huge flaming object, believed to be a meteorite, fell on a farm in the neighborhood of Grovers Mill, New Jersey.”  Then the swing band got in 20 more seconds of music, and then the invasion news report came back and continued without interruption for the rest of the hour.

The final announcement came from New York City:  “I’m speaking from the roof of Broadcasting Building, New York City. The bells you hear are ringing to warn the people to evacuate the city as the Martians approach. Estimated in last 2 hours, 3 million people have moved out along the roads to the north. Hutchison River Parkway still kept open for motor traffic. Avoid bridges to Long Island – hopelessly jammed. All communication with Jersey Shore closed ten minutes ago. No more defenses. Our army wiped out, artillery, air force, everything wiped out. This may be the last broadcast. We’ll stay here to the end. People are holding service below us, in the cathedral.”

2. How did this terrifying fake news broadcast come about?

WOTW_orson-wellesRadio is an altogether novel medium of communication,
preeminent as a means of social control, and epochal in its influence upon the mental horizons of men.
– Hadley Cantril, 19355

You or I probably could not impersonate high-ranking U.S. military personnel on national radio, or fool people into thinking there was a national state of emergency throughout an hour-long broadcast and get away with it – unless we had the proper authorization from someone pretty high-up.

It appears that the Rockefeller Foundation helped pay for the 1938 “War of the Worlds” broadcast,6 paid for a follow-up study analyzing its effect on the populace,7 and the follow-up study itself was performed by Nelson Rockefeller’s8 very own college roommate, Hadley Cantril.9  Orson Welles was later hired by Nelson Rockefeller to work on additional projects.10  Another Orson Welles project – a wartime film called “It’s All True” – was suggested by Nelson’s brother, David Rockefeller.  It appears that Orson Welles achieved fame and fortune – a remarkable achievement for an actor – while the Rockefeller family may have achieved some expertise in how to shape the public mind using the new broadcast media of radio, television, and film.

The people who’ve done well within the [Hollywood] system are the people… who want to make the kind of movies that producers want to produce.11
– Orson Welles

As time went on, these primitive early experiments using the new media became far more sophisticated, and the goal of using radio and television as “preeminent means of social control” – as Mr. Cantril put it – mushroomed to unbelievable levels of ingenuity, attention-to-detail, subtlety, effectiveness and scope, according to some reports12 which I don’t feel inclined to go into in this article.


Mr. Rather performing for CBS News, Nov 25, 1963.

One notable but extremely primitive example – no special effects, extras, sets, props, or “professional actors” this time – was when Dan Rather commented upon the John F. Kennedy assassination.  (And I have to remind myself:  JFK’s death was one of the most significant crises of the 20th century, which affected people’s morale and mindset all over the Americas, the Soviet Union – everywhere – and for years to come.)

On November 25, 1963, CBS New chief Dan Rather announced to the world that he had seen the secret Zapruder video and told millions of viewers, eager to understand the hows and whys of this terrible incident, that the president’s head “went forward with considerable violence” upon being shot,13 whereas today14 we can see for ourselves that what Mr. Rather told everyone is simply not true.

.   .   .


“A fellow I know, his brother is in the CIA. He will never talk about the CIA. I mean he’ll never give anything away, whatsoever. One bit of advice, he said, ‘Never watch the television. Never watch the television.’ It’s the greatest scientific indoctrination tool ever devised. Haven’t you figured that out? It’s changed the whole culture of nations, not just one nation. Why do you think it was mandatory that everybody in Britain have access to a television? Why do you think China is under the same program to get everyone with a TV right now? Cause they love to have you entertained – do you really think that? And India is on the same route as well right now, too. Most of your ideas and your opinions and how you emulate things – you mimic what you see. It becomes you, you become it.”15 (image source)

.   .   .

3. An obsession with fear, alien attacks, and global emergencies


ABC’s 2009 “Visitors” TV show used fairly high-budget effects, scripts, sets, and actors to portray a rather creepy alien takeover.

Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us [come together]…
such as an alien threat from outside this world.
Ronald Reagan16

Obviously Hollywood has had an obsession with alien invasions.  I’m told there have been more than 100 such films17, including such horror films as “It Came From Outer Space” (1953), “Earth Versus the Flying Saucers” (1956), “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1956), and more recent examples like “Predator” (1987), and M. Night Shyamalan’s “Signs” (2002).  Then there’s also the “Visitors” television shows of 1984 and 2009.  It’s like these programs are predicting what’s actually going to happen.



Canada’s former minister of defense, Paul Hellyer – who is also a member of the Queen’s “privy council”18 – has begun actively promoting the idea that aliens can and do visit earth, implying I think that they come from outer space.

In reality, from a scientific standpoint I’m told that aliens – from outer space – would have a hard time actually reaching earth due to the “van Allen belts”.  These are a series of electromagnetic fields and charged particles predicted by Tesla and later confirmed by extensive taxpayer-funded research19 – which are perhaps 65,000 miles across and which surround and protect the earth.  These belts are said to catch and hold the energy of solar flares – which represent enormous amounts of energy and are apparently very destructive.  (During testing via space rockets, the on-board geiger counters were destroyed by the charged particles and had to be encased in lead.)


Physicist James van Allen, head of the University of Iowa’s Department of Physics and Astronomy, on the cover of Time, 1959.

Physicist James van Allen warned the Academy of Science in 1959: “All manned space flight attempts must steer clear of these belts of radiation…”20, that is, stay on the earth-side of them.  So if this is true, any “unidentified” flying objects21 – such as the triangular TR-3B – or strange creatures22 you hear about would need to be local to the earth, or perhaps even come from tunnels inside the earth, depending on which theory you subscribe to.

(Interestingly enough, proponents of a “hollow earth” theory have included the astronomer Edmond Halley,23 physicist Leonhard Euler,24 the modern mathematician Mostafa Abdelkader, the alternative health writer Raymond W. Bernard.25  And then there’s the stories of subterranean dwellers upheld by numerous Native American, Eskimo, Mongolian, Native Brazilian, Native Mexican, and Tibetan traditions.)26

In any case, what I didn’t realize until recently is that some politicians have spoken wistfully about what could be accomplished politically if only humankind were united through the terror and hysteria over some immanent global danger, such as an alien invasion.

Imagine, if you will, a popular, media-darling political figure such as Ronald Reagan – or, in today’s world, perhaps Prince William – being given emergency power to rule the world during a global crisis.  Are you picturing it?


Ronald Reagan – known as the “Teflon President”; also known for bombing Libya, the Iran-Contral scandal, and being a trained actor.  Today he is also known for:  increasing size of government, increased budget deficits; Bohemian Club member.

What Reagan was pining after can be described as a three-step process:

1. Problem (aliens)
2. Reaction (panic)
3. Solution (Reagan – or someone more contemporary but at least as photogenic & “heroic” – rules the world with special wartime powers for as long as the emergency lasts)

While such a one-world rulership situation might sound like a good idea to some people, I’m not so sure it necessarily would be.  Again, Reagan was not talking about human beings all over the world cooperating and discussing things in a mood of fearless sanity and true wisdom,27 but was talking about drastic authoritarian measures to deal with a sudden catastrophe – like an alien invasion.

I think our integrity and wisdom and beauty as human beings comes more at the local, human-scale level – when our compassionate heart-intelligence is awakened – rather than at the massive, institutional level.  Or at the level of worshipping a “hero” figure presented to us on television – or forced on us by a state of “emergency”.

.   .   .

4. Renunciates are hard to con


“This world is not for cowards. Do not try to fly. Look not for success or failure. Join yourself to the perfectly unselfish will and work on… Those who know this secret pass beyond this round of birth and death and become immortal.”28 – Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902) (image source)

There is a sucker born FAR more often than once a minute… (because human beings are addicted to worldly hope and fear.)29
– Adi Da Samraj

If you want the truth of creation, be the truth of yourself first. Tell lies, deceive others, and you’ll end up so confused by so many fictions out there, that you will be unable to tell one person’s truth from another person’s lies.30
– Don Bradley

In closing, I’d like to point out that none of the stuff we’re talking about here – media panics, being expoited by the news or by politicians, etc. – applies to “renunciates”.

By this word I simply mean people who don’t care about the daily news all that much because the whole focus of their life has shifted from trying to achieve popularity, wealth and personal security to contemplation, serving humanity, serving God, or just appreciating the mystery of Life.

It seems in the most exemplary cases such people don’t even care about death, or misfortune – at least not in the sense of being controlled by a fear of these things – because their orientation has moved off their own petty desires, vanity, ego, etc., and onto service and love,31 no matter what arises around them.


  1. How would you like to be fooled into thinking there was a violent mass-casualty incident taking place – today, on the news – when in reality there wasn’t?
  2. How do you like Ronald Reagan’s dream of having the world politically united – not gracefully, due to cooperation, but suddenly and violently, due to fear and hysteria and authoritarian measures?
  3. What do you think of the quote at the beginning of this article, suggesting that anyone who naïvely pays attention to the daily news is getting exploited?  What does that mean – “exploited”?
  4. What do you think of this claim:  “Most of your ideas, and your opinions, and how you emulate things – you mimic what you see (on television). It becomes you, you become it.”
  5. What kinds of people, influences, and activities do you choose to spend your time with?

BOT Student

  1. George Santayana (1863-1952), in his book “Reason and Common Sense”. Could have been earlier authors who said the same thing.
  2. Adi Da Samraj, writing in “Not-Two Is Peace”.  The quote is from the essay entitled “Reality-Politics For Ordinary Men and Women”.
  3. This person was not introduced as the President, but still was made to sound like him.  And again, this was radio – sound but not picture – so if you had just tuned in and heard Roosevelt’s voice, you wouldn’t necessarily know the difference.  Tricky, eh?
  4. I’m basing this on a statement to this effect made by William Cooper, as transcribed here.
  5. A roommate of Nelson Rockefeller’s at Dartmouth College in the late 1920s, Cantril took a doctorate in psychology at Harvard, co-authoring “The Psychology of Radio” with his doctoral mentor Gordon Allport in 1935.  Whence comes this quote.
  6. Strictly speaking the “War of the Worlds” broadcast was produced by the Mercury Theater on the Air, which at the time had no official sponsor (according to wikipedia).  However, CBS Radio itself, which approved the WOW broadcast, had received a number of sizable grants from the Rockefeller Foundation to explore creative ways to use this new medium of communication.  CBS’s director of research at the time, Frank Stanton, (and later the president of CBS from 1946-1971) was closely involved with Hadley Cantril (see below) in his Rockefeller-funded “Princeton Radio Project”, setup to study the way radio could be used to control people’s minds.  According to wikipedia and global research.
  7. As the US entry into World War Two approached, Rockefeller provided $15,000 to Princeton for establishment of the Office of Public Opinion Research. A primary objective of OPOR was to systematically examine how public opinion is forged, the motivating factors behind mass public sentiment toward certain ends…In 1940, the Foundation increased the amount of funding devoted to research on public opinion and mass communication to $65,000, with $20,000 apportioned to continuing Cantril’s OPOR.
  8. Nelson Rockefeller was the 41st vice president of the U.S. and four-time governor of New York State.  He is widely believed to have died while visiting a mistress.
  9. According to this Global Research article: Early “Psychological Warfare” Research and the Rockefeller Foundation.
  10. Wikipedia says that Nelson Rockefeller approached Orson Welles a few years later for yet another creative project in 1943.
  11. From “The Orson Welles Story”, according to wikiquote.
  12. Just to get things started, this article explores how this began starting in the 30s and then via the CIA and other entities through Rockefeller funding.
  13. According to here.  Also I’ve seen the video footage of Mr. Rather saying this.
  14. In 1975 the Zapruder film became publicly available.
  15. Quoted from Alan Watt here.  Note:  I don’t recommend listening to this guy’s material, because I believe he puts people into a state of ongoing fear and bondage rather than realizing radical freedom and happiness under any condition.
  16. In a speech made to the 42nd General Assembly of the United Nations on September 21, 1987.  Source: U Texas transcript.
  17. List here
  18. I just read this on wikipedia, where it says “(Hellyer) is the longest serving current member of the Privy Council, just ahead of Prince Philip.”
  19. Physicist James van Allen spent millions of government dollars launching high altitude balloons that, when they reached peak altitudes, fired rockets into space, rockets carrying geiger counters.  The geiger counters became quickly destroyed by the intense energy, so they apparently had to send some of the geiger counters protected by a coating of lead to continue testing when the first batch had been fried.
  20. The full sentence was: “All manned space flight attempts must steer clear of these two belts of radiation until adequate means of safeguarding the astronauts has been developed.”  As quoted here.  But no such special safeguard means were actually developed, so far as I know, and such means would require thick walls of lead to protect from x-rays, it seems. What do they use at Three-Mile Island or Fukushima to protect themselves?  That’s right: robots.  One figure (quoted in the book “NASA Mooned America”) says that the charged particles in the van Allen belts would be approximately 100 times more powerful than the particles at Three Mile Island (2 gigavolts vs. 18 megavolts).
  21. More than 60 years ago, Hitler hired scientists to try to build flying saucers – and some reports say they succeeded.  Viktor Schauberger, a brilliant inventor that I admire, was one such scientist.  Also, try googling “tr3-b” for a purportedly more modern example of a strange flying craft.
  22. See my recent post “The truth of this time” which has an image of genetic experiments scientists are doing to try to create new races of animals – like “pig-monkeys”.
  23. According to wikipedia.
  24. According to wikipedia.
  25. Apparently a.k.a. Walter Siegmeister.
  26. See wikipedia’s article for more info.
  27. Some readers are familiar with Adi Da’s calling for a “global cooperative forum” to be created, which Adi Da made a point of saying, over and over, was not the same thing as a one-world government.
  28. As quoted here.
  29. Adi Da Samraj, spoken in early November 2005 or so, paraphrasing P.T. Barnum and adding commentary to it.
  30. Excerpted from A Wobbling Shift.
  31. I think service and love are fourth-stage virtues.  Which seem to be useful, and bring joy to life.
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  1. Paul Major   Thumb up +4

    Lots of interesting ideas and suggestions – once again.

    Paul Hellyer has indeed promoted the idea that aliens can and do visit this planet. There’s a lot of difference between that and the notion that they want to attack or invade.

    Like Hellyer and many others I think that we are being visited, but aren’t much threatened with attack or invasion.

    I’m surprised you think the Van Allen Belts are such a big deal – didn’t the Apollo astronauts pass through them ok?

    I agree in general with your case against political manipulation, and agree that “an alien threat” could be a potent tool for such manipulation.

    See The Disclosure Project for some interesting testimony on such matters, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=disclosure+project

    • Thanks for sharing Paul.

      I dunno, did we go to the moon?

      I wasn’t alive back when the Apollo moon thing happened, I wasn’t there, so I can’t comment on it from that p.o.v.; I have to rely on what other people tell me or show me about it. A few months ago I saw a 45-minute documentary about it called A Funny Thing Happened On the Way To the Moon which I thought was interesting. If you have time to check it out, let me know what you think.

      Regarding the van Allen belts… in doing research for this article, I found that when a rocket was sent through the belts carrying geiger counters, the geiger counter readings would go off the chart, and finally they would stop working part-way through the belt. They found that they had to encase some of the geiger counters in LEAD to get those ones to still be working part-way through the van Allen belts.

      So imagine going to Fukushima or Three Mile Island and having the readings so high that it breaks the geiger counters. lol.

      As I understand it, the Apollo astronauts didn’t have any lead, just the thinest of aluminum working for them. So it’s almost as though they didn’t pass through the same van Allen belts that Mr. van Allen’s test rockets passed through. Mr. van Allen apparently spent millions of taxpayer dollars testing this stuff, so I figure we sort of have a right to know what were the results of all his testing…?

      Anyway thanks again for your commentary Paul. I’ll check out the link you provided.

    • Another video about Apollo that seems good is What Happened On the Moon which is currently available on youtube.

  2. DB   Thumb up +7

    The disclosure project: filled with military and government assets – once ONI always ONI.

    The premise of Apollo has been thoroughly discredited by critical thinking people. Only the programmed or Intel agents state otherwise. Look to the facts.

    • For folks reading this who are a bit slow like myself, I realized there’s another reference to this saying in Oliver Stone’s “JFK” movie, where Jim Garrison is talking with his subordinates about one of his suspects in the JFK assassination:

      In 1963 that was the Office of Naval Intelligence – And just by coincidence, Banister, before he was FBI, was ONI. What do they say?

      “Once ONI, always ONI”?

      Well, he likes to work near his old pals.

  3. Christina   Thumb up +4

    Hmmmm. We laugh at aliens here at home…a few times they drained our jacuzzi 2/3 rds overnight. But im starting to wonder if it was the kids having a party with two many in the tub. But there was no evidence to be found of the water spilling or leaking or anything, it was quite strange. So, we laugh about it.

    Unfortunately, deception is more than I would like to admit to, as my mind deceives then creates situations to justify itself all the time. Not sure if I like it or not. One hand some very good teachers have deceived me and for that I’m thankful. SOmetimes it is difficult to get to the truth. Dont watch TV, & dont enjoy the constant barage of media. It takes serious effort to avoid. Interesting about the word exploit, my guess is that it takes two to tango, and well, if you like to tango…then have at it~

    Spending time with the animals, close friends, family and gardening & cooking undisturbed. I enjoy being silent & alone too. Also too I enjoy reading & going to interesting places & meeting new people & experiencing.

    • Thanks for sharing Christina.

      No TV sounds like a good thing. I haven’t watched any myself in about six months. It takes a certain reorganization of my time, but overall it feels freeing.

      Yeah gremlins evaporating the jacuzzi water now and then must be irritating. :)

  4. Edu   Thumb up +4

    I like the idea that most real “aliens” are not physical at all. More like spirits, angels and demons, the beings that have been part of our culture for milenia.

    The non-physical plane of existence supposedly just above ours is usually called “astral” and it’s the same “astral” of the word “astrology”, that is, the belief that something as distant as Saturn, Sun, etc can have an influence in our soul, personality and behaviour regardless of physical distance. So perhaps interaction with “aliens” is not that uncommon.

    This tought makes the idea of ugly little grey men having to come down in a saucer feel awkward and obsolete, more like corresponding to “earthlings” expectation of alien visitors and civilizations than a real practical mean of transportation. Perhaps we should look for “aliens” not in the sky, but in our dreams.

    • Edu   Thumb up +2

      A quote from the book “Psychic Self Defense – Guidance and Coutermeasures” by Robert Bruce

      “Astral snakes and Spiders, often with ET type heads, are common. Don’t be scared, they are ugly but can’t hurt you at this time. They are the ones vulnerable and exposed”

  5. Parinirvana   Thumb up +4

    Mayhaps it was merely a psychological experiment conducted to assess the degree of blind credulity that the public had, with respect to media sources.

    Back then, there was no thriving ‘alternative media’ community as such, and no forum for independent researchers, to enable mass dissemination of their information, more or less without overt and public-approved censorship. The internet is a modern miracle, in that respect.

    I think that Apollo was entirely fabricated. I haven’t done the research to back that up, because frankly, the subject doesn’t interest me much. I will say though, that the audacity of the shills in their lies, when confronted with conspiracy types whom they suspect have no understanding for the science behind these things, beggars belief. These people will tell you outright, bald-faced lies in full confidence, with that same mocking, sarcastic tone that we have all experienced, on YouTube, or the David Icke forums, or wherever else.

    Not sure about ‘renunciates’ being hard to con, in terms of relative truth. Deciphering relative truth depends on multiple factors. I can find quite some examples of enlightened folks, unable to decipher relative truth.

    On renounciation itself, I identify more with the Hindu view on it, rather than the need for full renounciation of the world that some advocate. It just has a rigid, unnatural tone it, like trying to force enlightenment through violence. One can only truly renounce when ready; force creates more force and disharmony.

    I like what you mentioned once, about the transcending radiation of the Heart, rather than letting the mind make a concept of renouncing things.

    • In my experience, I think spiritual enlightenment tends to go hand in hand with street smarts.

      People who pretend to be enlightened might be another story.

      Then there’s people who are somewhat enlightened but simply don’t say much most of the time because they know nobody will believe what they have to say. Or maybe sometimes we need to think for ourselves a bit rather than always being told what is true.

      Regarding “renunciation”… yeah that word probably gets used in all manner of ways. I was thinking of it in this article in the sense of letting go of vanity and so forth. Letting go of our own action of separativeness. Rather than some kind of strategic nasty cutting away of something.

    • Parinirvana   Thumb up +2

      Renunciation… I did wonder why I hesitated spelling it that way. Normally I’m hot on grammar and spelling; hopefully it isn’t the mercury I’m chelating at the moment, messing up my memory even more.

      Many who had *apparently* made the big realisation were certainly not, at least outwardly, renunciates/ascetics. Osho (Rajneesh) didn’t exactly fit the bill, what with his fleet of Rolls Royces, luxury diamond-encrusted watches, nubile young ladies fawning over him, reputed drug use, and seemingly, exploitation of his devotees. Jiddu Krishnamurti called him a ‘criminal.’

      Many direct the same accusations against your Adi Da, although that was just a cursory Google search I did.

      Seems that enlightened folks, whilst Self-realised, are often radically different from one another in their outward expression. Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta, for example.

      Anyway, I’d best stop spamming your blog, now. ^_^

      My bad.

    • I can’t claim to be an expert on enlightenment.

      I can tell you that Adi Da once commented, using modern street language:

      Nobody has ever realized God who was a humorless, pleasureless son of a bitch.

      If I look at the history of this stuff, even Christian saints living cloistered celibate lives, even they seemed to have remarkable senses of humor sometimes, and took pleasure in simple things, not to mention profoundly pleasurable spiritual experiences.

      Osho I’m not so sure I would want as a guru. Then supposedly there was some bad feelings, or feelings of betrayal, when it was discovered that J. Krishnamurti had a mistress or something. I don’t know much about that.

      Adi Da had sex with women, but he never hid the fact that he was sexually active. That’s something I respect, as a man.

      And dealing with women (or, let us say, the opposite sex) over time isn’t always a complete picnic, in my experience. Unless there’s something totally deluded or fake about the situation, I guess.

      Chogyam Trungpa also had a mandala of women students around him at times. I have respect for Trungpa. If you want to look at “quiet minds”, there’s a video on youtube with Trungpa talking to J. Krishnamurti. Which one of them had a quieter mind? The one who ate p____ or the skinnier teacher who appeared to be far more disciplined outwardly?

      Anywayz… I dig the way these tiered comment things lets us go off on tangents a bit. lol.

      So yeah, renouncing our own deceits seems like a good thing if a person wants the world to reveal its secrets to us, as it says in one of the quotes at the end of the article.

    • Parinirvana   Thumb up +2

      Sorry to keep this going, but this is a rather critical point I need clarifying.

      Enlightenment is, supposedly, the end of desire.

      So… what were these famous enlightened mystics doing, living in obscene opulence, having promiscuous, lustful sex with different partners, taking drugs, exploiting people for their own material ends, et cetera?

      How many of them mentioned anything concerning conspiracies, or alternative healthcare?

      Reading one of Osho’s books, he therein sings the praises of allopathic medicine, whilst claiming that all alternative medicine is a placebo only.

      These are just a couple of examples of their inability to discern relative truth.

      Knowing that most Westerners are materialists and highly cynical when it comes to anything but science as a means of exploring reality, why did these men so willingly fall in with the stereotypes they already held of ‘corrupt cult leaders’ and faux-spiritual conmen?

      Why is nobody asking these questions, or answering them, straight up and minus the bullshit?

    • Hi there,

      As long as people ask honest and sincere questions, I don’t mind it at all.

      Regarding Osho… Let’s just say that I personally would not defend Osho or recommend him to others. Have you noticed that I never quote him on this site?

      Regarding medicine… Adi Da recommended alternative health care and better yet, one’s own alternative health practices all the time. Often his students decided against much of his advice, and sought out other solutions. He was not opposed to allopathic care. He said that allopathic medicine sometimes is good for certain things, but it should not necessarily be the only thing people resort to if they want to be healthy. He actually put an enormous emphasis on diet and exercise and love and so on as primary health practices.

      Now that I think of it, he also called his students who were doctors and acupuncturists and chiropractors and bodyworkers and homeopaths and so on, decades ago, to setup alternative and complementary clinics that would involve both allopathic and alternative medicine under one roof. Rather than these things being at war with each other, he tried to encourage people to work together in an atmosphere of respect. And with an emphasis on preventative care.

      Regarding “promiscuity” and “desire”… I think I’m going to wait and answer your question in a full article on this site. I don’t know that I can do your question justice just by writing a few lines here, hidden under this article about the War of the Worlds thing. I think your question about teachers and their sex lives deserves a fuller treatment. Not that I’m some giant expert on this topic, but I think I have enough of an informed opinion on the matter that I could write something useful about it.

      Certainly it’s an important topic and I’ve never understood why people are so “hush hush” about it.

      How’s that?

    • christina   Thumb up +1

      maybe sometimes the teacher opens up a certain pathway, granted it may not be the glamourous path people feel they should be on, but it is a dirtier* one. One that has to be thoroughly exausted & exercised so that an additional awareness can come in & rest there. I have a teacher that is really quite excellent at showing the Love that exists in certain situation, that i was not sure was there, but it underlies everything~ when i felt the Love then certain tendancies relaxed in me & i was able to see them from another angle. But if my teacher had condemmed me for my actions, & put a negative energy on them, maybe things would be different. I tend to rebel against this world and so my tendancy is to do exactly the opposite of what i am told. I never met Osho, but some of his writings speak to me, others don’t.

  6. Parinirvana   Thumb up +3

    Nobody made mention of the lizard people, yet? ^_^

    According to many researchers, the Disclosure Project and UFO/abductee community is littered with them. Reptilian disinformation. Greer, Bartley, Collier, Meier…

    Wouldn’t surprise me at all to find that David Icke is a reptoid. Alex Jones seems to be one, after all. There’s footage around.

    As I believe, based on the information from these researchers, a conscious, wilful soul orientation against higher beingness eventually results in complete atrophy of the higher chakras/centers and the associated energies. All they are then left with is those chakras that correspond with the lower brain components, as expressed in the vessel as the basal ganglia, the ‘R-Complex’, and those bits responsible for base/low vibrational energies of survival and pure selfishness/evil, without any input from the higher love of the Heart, i.e compassion, empathy/sympathy, earnestness, honesty, et cetera.

    That’s who (what) is running the world, and thus why it is like it is. They desperately want all of us to follow their example, hence the coercive attempts; chemical assaults on the brain, subliminals, pornography, philosophical materialism/’atheism’, violent treatment of young children, mind control programming, et cetera.

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