Jesus and Desmond Morris on killing our enemies

Can baboons teach us about our political nature? Desmond Morris says yes.  Photo (cc) lode rummens.

One of the biggest events in the “news” here in the U.S. this week had to do with killing foreign enemies.  Many cheered, and even the Dalai Lama hinted his endorsement.

I tried to think of a BoT passage that might help us examine these issues more closely.  Then I remembered a quote attributed to Jesus about loving your enemies, and one from Desmond Morris on the ongoing advantage of “external enemies”, if one is a political leader.

Also, one from Noam Chomsky claiming that the “the news” often functions as propaganda, or “the manufacture of consent”.

So, if this interests you, please consider revisiting one of these quotes, and let us know your thoughts, okay?

Possible questions:

  • Regarding foreign enemies, “qui bono?”  That is, who benefits?  Does it seem tricky or worrisome to you that our own political leaders seem to reap sooo much political benefit when we are focused on foreign enemies?
  • Why might Jesus have recommended that we love our enemies?  Leaving aside the issue of penalizing wrongdoers, what is the psychological effect of becoming more and more preoccupied with the sense of “other”, of “enemy” and of “danger”?
  • Could there be any truth to Noam Chomsky’s claim that we are bombarded by constant PR campaigns, not just to buy products, but also to go along with political sentiments and agree with new political policies?  Is our consent to these things being “manufactured” by the way issues are presented to us by the news media?

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