Supressed inventions? Nikola Tesla & free energy

Nikola Tesla in his lab

Nikola Tesla, nonchalantly sipping tea or something, next to 100-foot lightning bolts in his lab

Nikola Tesla lived 100 years ago and invented radio communication and the electricity that comes out of your wall sockets.  Everyone knows about those things.  But Tesla also invented devices for manipulating the weather, and (perhaps) means for universal, clean, free energy.

“Nikola Tesla was arguably the greatest inventive genius of the twentieth century, perhaps the greatest at least as far back as Leonardo da Vinci.  What an indictment of our educational institutions that his name enlists barely a mention in the hallways of learning.

“When pressed, electrical engineers will tell you that Tesla invented alternating current.  But they will probably not be able to tell you anything about his other 700 basic patents.  Or his ability to fetch electricity from the ambient atmosphere.  Or his experiments with transmitting electricity around the globe to virtually anywhere.  He was convinced that free energy is a fact, rather than mere speculation.

“Electric power is everywhere, present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need of coal, gas, or any other fuels.”
– Nikola Tesla

“In 1943, Tesla proposed to President FDR that we look carefully at the fact that we can get all the energy we need from any space we happen to be in.  (i.e. clean limitless energy)  He didn’t show up for the meeting; he was found dead in his apartment — ‘natural causes’ (was the official report)…

Nikola Tesla on cover of Time Magazine

Nikola Tesla on cover of Time Magazine, July 20, 1931

“According to biographers, Tesla died in genteel poverty in a hotel room in 1943 at age eighty-seven.  His memory was honored in a funeral service at St. John’s Cathedral, attended by more than two thousand people, including the elite of the day.”

After Tesla’s death, federal agents came and took his papers.  Whatever memorabilia was left over was housed in a Tesla museum in Yugoslavia.   One biographer reported that his papers had been taken to an Air Force base in Ohio.

[All quotes and information are taken from Suppressed Inventions & Other Discoveries, edited by Jonathan Eisen.  (Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland Institute of Technology Press, 1994.)  As listed on The Basket of Tolerance by Adi Da Samraj.  Time Magazine image is from]

Questions for consideration:

  • When you were in school, how much did you learn about Nikola Tesla, his inventions, his life and his death?
  • What kind of difference would clean (non-polluting), free energy make in the world?  For that matter, what kind of difference would weather manipulation technology make? (Here’s a recent Time article.)
  • I used to be surprised that my spiritual teacher didn’t seem to be more concerned with saving fossil fuels, conserving electricity, and so on, but instead seemed to be way more focused on waking people up spiritually.  What about you, what do you think are the most important priorities in the world, here in the year 2011?

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  1. Stuart   Thumb up 0

    If Mr. Tesla’s free energy machine actually worked, which I’m assuming it might have, I think it was/is probably a good thing that it was lost, hidden, suppressed.

    Whatever conspiracy ideas one might suppose toward this particular subject, one fact seldom discussed is that the world, as we know it, is simply not ready for every human being to have access to unlimited free energy. Unlimited access to free energy, if you had it, would come with immense responsibility that is beyond most people. A glance at what has occurred over 300 years or so of humans having access to oil, and the energy it gives us, makes this point well. Good things have come of oil, too, but at what costs?

    The Indian Guru, Paramahansa Yogananda, was recorded to have used his yogic abilities to have an automobile travel about 200 miles in Southern California without fuel in the fuel tank. Similar stories are attributed to such individuals. In these cases, allowing for these stories to be true or even partly true, access to free energy was/is based on human and spiritual maturity and responsibility, with no need for a cumbersome energy machine.

    Perhaps Tesla stumbled upon something prematurely, which in the world of evolution potentials was soon folded back under the covers… the inference being, perhaps, that if you want access to free energy don’t play games with machines but, rather, mature to the responsibility of a human being who participates significantly more deeply in the greater spiritual processes of the universe….


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